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For our next several episodes of Library Stories we’re sharing interviews from BookOps, the distribution center for The New York Public Library and Brooklyn Public Library. The employees here are passionate about getting materials to our users on time and in great condition.

In Episode 12, NYPL Librarian Melissa Crotti tells her Library story and shares why she's living her dream. She’s a fulfillment specialist for MyLibraryNYC and works to get free book sets to teachers.

Ep. 12 "I'm Living My Dream" | Library Stories"I'm thrilled that somebody loves our books so much that they connected with it. When I went to library school, it was because I wanted to spread knowledge to people. And we're literally packing up the knowledge into a bin and shipping it out." - Melissa Crotti, Teachers Set Fulfillment Specialist, MyLibraryNYCPosted by NYPL The New York Public Library on Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Library Stories is a new video series of moving personal interviews that show what The New York Public Library means to our users, staff, donors, and communities through . We’re releasing a new episode each week from one of our 92 locations in the Bronx, Manhattan, and Staten Island. Join us to see how libraries change lives in inspiring and surprising ways.